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Voting intentions (First round, October)


During September and October the polling figures for the main candidates remain at the same levels. The distance between Ponta and Iohannis remains one of at least 10 percent. Ponta – polls better than the party’s summer values. Iohannis – within  the PNL-PDL score registered in summer. Calin Popescu Tariceanu remains the third candidate, albeit at a great distance from the two frontrunnners.


Iohannis should recover in the second round of the elections more than Basescu had to recover 5 years ago. Ponta would register a better score than the PSD candidate did in 2009. PSD has improved in the polls compared to the situation 5 years ago, whereas PNL+PDL have dropped (in the 2009 EP elections, PNL and PDL were voted by 35% of the electors).


Presidential elections, second round (OCTOBER)

5_enDuring the campaign period, the figures remain roughly the same as in September. The differences are insignificant, as compared to the margin of error.