INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 3 September

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS 1. ECONOMY. Rosia Montana – Romanian Government’s position: the decision must be taken by the Romanian Parliament 2. POLITICS. The USL sets out its political priorities for the fall. 3. FOREIGN POLICY. Victor Ponta makes a visit to the Republic of Moldova. 4. POLITICS. The PSD aims for 35% of the votes in the… Read more »

INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 13 August

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS FINANCE. The draft of the IMF agreement will be presented to the Parliament in September. AGRICULTURE. The agricultural sector receives increased Government attention. FINANCE. The Government increases its support for SMEs. POLITICS. The USL Government responds to the PDL’s proposals. INFRASTRUCTURE. The contract for the Brasov-Comarnic highway will be signed. 1. The agreement… Read more »

INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 13 August

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS POLITICS. Victor Ponta guarantees that the regionalization process will occur during this USL term. EUROPEAN FUNDS. Romania increases the absorption rate and sets up more efficient procedures. FINANCE. Government figures ensure that the new IMF agreement will not lead to an increase in taxes. VAT. The USL Government ensures that VAT reimbursements are… Read more »

INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 6 August

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS ECONOMY. The USL Government lowers the VAT for bread products. FINANCE. Romania concludes a new precautionary agreement. ECONOMY. An increased number of institutions confirm Romania’s positive perspectives. EUROPEAN FUNDS. The USL Government significantly increases EU funds absorption. IMF AGREEMENT. The recently concluded agreement with the IMF shows Romania’s resolve to continue financial reforms…. Read more »

INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 30 July

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS Foreign policy. Prime Minister Victor Ponta makes an official visit to Spain. Economy. Romania ranks fourth among EU countries according to size of government debt. Privatizations. The CSAT must decide on the privatization of the CFR MARFA Company. European funds. The USL Government adopts new initiatives in order to increase EU funds absorption…. Read more »

INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 23 July

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS ECONOMY. The Economist confirms the Government’s growth measures are having an impact. FOREIGN POLICY. Prime Minister Victor Ponta makes a visit to Spain. SME. Prime Minister Victor Ponta takes part to the launch of the “White Book for SME’s in Romania”. FOREIGN POLICY. The USL Government congratulated the state institutions for the return… Read more »

INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 17 July

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS FOREIGN POLICY. French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault visits Romania. ECONOMY. The Prime Minister presents the National Plan for Strategic Investments and Job Creation. FINANCES. Prime Minister Victor Ponta receives the visit of the IMF Director, Christine Lagarde. ECONOMY. On the occasion of Huawei’s coming to Romania, Prime Minister Victor Ponta expressed the Government’s… Read more »

INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 9 July

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS 1. FOREIGN POLICY. Victor Ponta concludes a successful visit to Asia. 2. FOREIGN POLICY. The Prime Minister delivers Romania’s support message for the US with the occasion of the July 4 celebrations. 3. EU FUNDS. The European funds absorption rate rises to 20%. 4. Finances. The Government requests the conclusion of a preventive… Read more »

INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 2 July

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS IMF. Romania concludes a second stand-by agreement with the IMF. FOREIGN POLICY. Victor Ponta’s visit to Asia signals the country’s decision to attract foreign investments. ECONOMY. One year after entering insolvency, Hidroelectrica returns on the market with important profits. ENERGY. Romania is looking for alternatives to the Nabucco project. ADMINISTRATION. The government enacts… Read more »

INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 24 June

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS POLLS. Victor Ponta remains the most trusted political figure of the USL. FOREIGN POLICY. Victor Ponta has a high profile meeting in Sofia with the Bulgarian Prime Minister, the President of PES, and the President of the European Parliament. FINANCE. The European Council lifts the excessive deficit procedure off Romania. EUROPEAN FUNDS. Romania’s… Read more »

INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 18 June

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS 1. FOREIGN POLICY. Prime Minister Victor Ponta makes a successful visit to Germany and Slovakia 2. POLITICS. Traian Basescu announces his intention of calling another referendum 3. ECONOMY. World Bank figures show the Romanian economy is steadily growing  4. RESEARCH. Works on the ELI-NP project start in Magurele 5. FINANCE. Romania has reached… Read more »

INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 10 June

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS 1. Foreign policy. Prime Minister Victor Ponta is embarking on a visit to Germany and Slovakia 2. Foreign policy. Prime Minister Victor Ponta made  a visit to Poland 3. Investments. Romania is Europe’s 10th ranked country in terms of jobs created by FDI 4. European funds. The Government has managed to double the… Read more »

INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 5 June

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS 1. LEGISLATION. The Parliament starts the procedures for amending the Constitution, in a consensual manner, starting from the suggestions of the civil society 2. ECONOMY. Romania’s macro-economic trust ratings reach the highest level in 12 months 3. INVESTMENTS. 2013 will see Romania attracting investments worth 3.8 billion Euros, creating 20,000 jobs  4. GOVERNMENT…. Read more »

INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 20 April

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS 1. Politics. Victor Ponta is re-elected president of the Social-Democratic Party of Romania 2. SOCIETY. The Government adopts social assistance measures for laid-off workers 3. Economy. BNP Paribas and Societe Generale call for investing in Romanian Government bonds 4. Politics. The Government gives its approval to the new law concerning the organization of… Read more »

INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 13 April

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS Justice. Victor Ponta’s nomination of chief prosecutors ends the institutional deadlock in the Judiciary Economy. One year after the USL assumed the responsibilities of governing Romania, the economy shows signs of redressing Society. The Government offers support to workers from Oltchim and Mechel plants. Justice. The Government adopts a new law concerning properties… Read more »

INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 29 March

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS 1. POLITICAL DYNAMICS. The Popular Movement faces difficult challenges in attempting to become the right-wing alternative to the PDL 2. Justice. The DNA has started 21 criminal investigations following the findings of the Prime Minister’s Control Corps. 3. Constitution. The Government enlists the support of the Venice Commission in order to ensure a… Read more »

INFOPOLITIC Romanian Politics – 24 March

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS 1. Public safety. The Government intensifies safety controls and vows that no infected milk or dairy products have reached the public. 2. Schengen. The Government vows to continue working towards Romania’s accession to the Schengen Area and to the Euro Zone, but makes increasing European funds absorption rate its foremost priority. 3. JOBS…. Read more »

INFOPOLITIC – Romanian Politics

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS 1. SCHENGEN. European Commissioner Stefan Fule declared that the European Commission does not support the attempt of several member states to impose a political link between the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism and Romania and Bulgaria’s accession to the Schengen Area. 2. GOVERNMENT INTENTIONS. The Government intends to assume responsibility in front of the… Read more »


As a result of abandoning the austerity policies, 2012 has shown the first signs of improvement for the Romanian economy. While the increase of several macroeconomic indicators was moderate, the perspectives regarding job creation and unemployment are increasingly favorable. In 2012 only, the number of employees increased by 140,000 according to figures from the National… Read more »


Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s visit to France was considered by many observers in the Romanian media a major foreign policy success and a considerable step in the development of the bilateral relations of the two countries. Victor Ponta is the first Romanian PM to visit France in more than a decade (the last visit was… Read more »


As predicted by the polls, the USL won a landslide victory in the December 9 general elections. The USL candidates for the Chamber of Deputies received 58.63% of the votes, whereas the ARD candidates garnered only 16.5% of the votes, barely managing to get ahead the PPDD candidates who were voted by 13.99% of the… Read more »


Traian Basescu’s three interventions in the week that precedes Sunday’s general elections are relevant for the President’s transformation into the standard bearer of the ARD. In what is becoming a trade-mark electoral campaign intervention, the President lambasted the Government and the USL, while hinting that he remains the decisive actor in post-electoral period, regardless of… Read more »


The President has lately become the main political agent of the ARD, the political alliance that brings together his party and a large number of his political supporters. Given the electoral estimates that suggest a landslide victory for the USL and the relative difficulty of the ARD standard bearers, the PDL leader Vasile Blaga and… Read more »

Traian Basescu brings Romania closer to a new Constitutional Crisis

After a period of “self-imposed silence” on political matters, Traian Basescu has stepped once again into the spotlights of the Romanian political scene, launching several dire attacks and threats against the USL and the USL government. The President has argued that this summer’s events have negatively affected the rule of law and boldly declared that… Read more »


The most recent report of the IMF in regards to the economic evolution of Romania highlights the positive impact of the measures undertaken by the USL government. The report argues that while economic growth may be slow for the moment, the inflation has hit record lows during the first six months of the Ponta cabinet…. Read more »