Key Findings


  • Most Romanians feel that the country is heading in the wrong direction (62% in July as compared to 56% in January).
  • Satisfaction about the standard of living is increasing (53% were content, as compared to 48% in December, the same level that had been recorded in October 2015)
  • Trust in the main political leaders stabilizes: Iohannis registers 36%, Ponta and Ciolos – 30-31%, Băsescu – 18%.
  • PSD moves towards attracting 41% of the votes, PNL moves towards 31%, the distance between the top two competitors and the rest is significant.
  • PMP crosses the 5% threshold. USB/R and UDMR are close to this limit, whereas ALDE seems to have fallen under the representation threshold.

Regarding the relation with Russia:

  • There is fear of war, but it is not acute, especially in the context of the appreciation for the Deveselu shield and the perception of an immediate NATO back-up in the case of a prospective armed conflict.
  • Putin is seen as less credible than Obama.
  • Even though generally Russia is not liked, the majority opinion favors a prudent approach of the relation with this state, of increased economic exchange and even of admiration for the “defensive” line taken by the Kremlin.


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